Helpline (1PM-9PM): 0217126699
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Helpline (1PM-9PM): 0217126699
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Whom does Triangle Project aim to help?Triangle Project supports lesbian, bisexual, queer, and same-sex attracted women, including trans and intersex women.

What services does Triangle Project offer?Triangle Project provides mental health support, sexual and reproductive health services, community support groups, safer sex 'pleasure packs' distribution, and information on various well-being issues.

How does Triangle Project assist in taking control of health and well-being?Triangle Project empowers individuals through essential services and a supportive community to take control of mental, sexual, and reproductive health.

What connections does Triangle Project maintain within the healthcare community?Triangle Project has strong connections with healthcare providers and offers referral pathways for services such as abortion, family planning, and sexual violence support.

What clinical services does Triangle Project offer for women's health?Triangle Project provides services like HIV and STI testing, referrals for ARVs, PrEP, and PEP, STI treatment, viral load testing, general health check-ups, and more.

Where can I get Triangle's safer sex 'pleasure packs'?Triangle's 'pleasure packs' are available at our office, through outreach, and the mobile clinic.

Any recommended additional resources?Check out HOLAA for African sex and sexuality conversations and the manual "Please Her."

Has Triangle Project conducted relevant research?Yes, on women who have sex with women and HIV risk. You can access the research findings

Who should undergo a pap smear or cervical screening?Recommended for sexually active individuals with a cervix aged 25 and above.

What causes cervical cancer?Caused by persistent high-risk HPV infection, sexually transmitted through skin contact.

How common is cervical cancer?Approximately 1 in 41 women will develop cervical cancer.

Does Triangle Project offer pap smears, and who is eligible?Yes, Triangle Project offers pap smears to anyone with a cervix.

What's the recommended frequency for pap smears in South Africa?Public facilities offer three tests per lifetime from age 30; private healthcare suggests testing every five years from age 25.

Is there an HPV vaccination program in South Africa?Yes, school-based program for girls aged 9-10 since 2014.

When's the optimal time to receive the HPV vaccination?Before sexual activity, as it prevents but doesn't cure HPV.

Is the HPV vaccine subsidized by the government?No government subsidy; some medical aids may cover the cost.

Whom does Triangle Project aim to help with trans and gender-diverse support?Triangle Project supports trans and gender-diverse individuals in realizing their health, well-being, and human rights.

What does 'trans' or 'transgender' encompass for Triangle Project?Encompasses all individuals identifying differently from their assigned birth gender.

What health services are offered to trans individuals at Triangle Project's clinic?Services include HIV and STI testing, referrals, general health check-ups, and gender-affirming services.

Are there Additional support for trans individuals from Triangle Project?Counseling, community groups, and safer sex 'pleasure packs.'

Resources for trans individuals through Triangle Project's partnerships?Yes, Triangle Project maintains a positive relationship with Gender DynamiX, a transgender rights organization based in Cape Town. They offer valuable resources, including the guide "Sexual Health for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People."

How can trans individuals connect with community groups facilitated by Triangle Project?Contact Triangle Project for information on three trans community groups meeting monthly.

Support for Parents of LGBTIQ Children:

How does Triangle Project support parents of LGBTIQ children?Triangle Project assists parents in understanding and embracing their child's sexuality or gender identity, aiming to foster loving and supportive family relationships.

Where can parents find more information?Reading our booklet, "Could My Child Be Lesbian or Gay?" offers valuable insights. Contact us for more information or to talk to someone.

Is there a support group for parents of transgender children?Yes, Triangle Project hosts a monthly support group in Claremont. Contact us for details.

How often does the group meet?The support group for parents of transgender children meets monthly in Claremont, providing a valuable connection for parents and transgender kids.

How can parents contact Triangle Project?Contact us for information or to talk to someone. We're here to provide support and answer any questions.

Support in Rural Western Cape:

How does Triangle Project support LGBTIQ individuals in rural Western Cape?Triangle Project establishes Safe Spaces in rural areas to provide support and resources for LGBTIQ individuals and communities.

What is a Safe Space?Safe Spaces are community-oriented environments fostering a sense of community and inclusivity for LGBTIQ individuals in rural areas.

Does Triangle Project assist hate crime survivors in rural Western Cape?Yes, Triangle Project offers support to survivors of hate crimes, aiming to provide assistance, resources, and a safe environment.

How can individuals and communities promote LGBTIQ rights in rural areas?Triangle Project actively supports community initiatives for LGBTIQ rights and equality in rural Western Cape. Reach out to get involved.

HIV and AIDS Support:

How does Triangle Project support people living with HIV or AIDS?Triangle Project helps individuals take control of their health with counseling, psychological support, testing, ARV access, and treatment adherence support.

What support is available for newly diagnosed individuals?Triangle Project provides one-on-one counseling and encourages seeking support from family and friends. Finding a queer-friendly doctor and learning more about HIV can ease anxiety.

Is HIV treatment effective?Yes, with daily medication, individuals can lead healthy lives. Starting treatment early has proven benefits, and it's available for free in South Africa.

What does "Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U)" mean?U=U means an undetectable viral load, resulting in zero chances of HIV transmission. Regular viral load checks are crucial.

How can serodiscordant couples prevent HIV transmission?Maintaining an undetectable viral load, using PrEP, and consistent condom use are preventive measures in serodiscordant relationships.

Alcohol and Drug Use Support:

How does Triangle Project assist LGBTIQ individuals with alcohol and drug use?Triangle Project provides non-judgmental support, referrals, and operates a Needle and Syringe Programme for drug users.

Are there support groups for alcohol or drug use?Yes, groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous offer valuable support. Check helplines for assistance.

How can someone assess problematic alcohol or drug use?Triangle Project provides questions to assess impact on relationships, work, finances, and emotional well-being. Honesty is key to seeking help.

How can individuals reduce or stop alcohol or drug use?Triangle Project offers various strategies, including helpline support, journaling, and exploring alternative activities.

What helplines are available for substance use support in South Africa?Triangle Project helpline (021 712 6699) and various helplines for different services, including substance abuse.

Useful Helpline Numbers:

Triangle Project Helpline
Contact: 021 712 6699
Operating Hours: 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm daily

Suicide Crisis Line
Contact: 0800 567 567 or SMS 31393

Depression and Mental Health Helpline

South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG)
Contact: 0800 567 567 

Mental Health Line
Contact: 011 783 1474

Substance Abuse Helpline:
Contact: 0800 121314 for help and information about alcohol and drug abuse.
SMS Line: 32312

National Tobacco Quit Line
Contact: 011 720 3145 for information on tobacco and how to stop smoking.

Alcoholics Anonymous SA National Helpline
Contact: 0861 435 722

24 hour chat available here 

Al-Anon (For Family and Friends of Alcoholics):
Contact: Tel: +27 21 595 4508

Alateen (Group for Young People with Alcohol Problems)
Contact: 24 hr Helpline - 0861 252 666

Narconon South Africa
Contact: 0861 00 6962

LifeLine Western Cape (Cape Town)
Contact: 021 461 1113


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2 - 4 Seymour Street
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NPO reg no: 003-971