Medical clinic

We run a wonderfully caring, non-judgemental medical clinic from our office, offering the following services:

  • HIV and STI testing
  • Referral pathways for treatment if required
  • Viral load and CD4 count testing for people living with HIV
  • ARV and TB treatment adherence monitoring and support
  • Pap smears for anyone with a cervix
  • General health check-up
  • Non-prescriptions medicines dispensing
  • Referral pathways for other health support services including alcohol and drug use and abortion and family planning.

We advise you contact us to make an appointment as our nurse also provides community-based care, and is not always in the office.

Please call or email to make an appointment for our clinic or to find out when walk-in day is.

We also have a range of useful information, resources and links on our website relating to HIV, sexual health, alcohol and drug use.

Call to make an appointment:
(021) 422 0255

Or email us: