Triangle Project is a non-profit organisation funded solely by grants and donations and relies on the continued generosity of our funders and the public in order to keep providing our vital services. We sincerely appreciate any amount you can contribute.

Donate via EFT to the Triangle Project bank account 

Account name: Triangle Project
Bank: Standard Bank
Account type: Current Business account
Branch: Mowbray
Branch code: 020909
Account no: 0712 375 26
Swift address: SBZA ZA JJ

Donate via SnapScan

Triangle Project is a registered Non Profit Organization in terms of the 1997 Nonprofit Organizations Act (Registration number: 003-971 NPO). Donations to Triangle Project are subject to S18A tax exemptions.

Our donations portal is a convenient and safe way to donate to Triangle Project from anywhere in the world. Should you have any questions about donating, please do not hesitate to contact: