First Global Feminist LBQ Women*’s Conference 6–9 July

The first Global Feminist LBQ Women*s Conference will take place from 6-9 July 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa. The conference is being organized by a collective working group of 22 LBQ women* activists from across all regions of the world.  The key themes for this conference are: ‘Leading – Healing – Transforming’. This conference is a space to recognize, celebrate and affirm the experiences, needs, organizing and activism of lesbian, bisexual and queer women*, based on self-determination. The priority is to center women, including Intersex, Trans, Cisgender and all people who identify as women with marginalized sexualities. Women* prioritizes people who identify as women, but includes Gender Non-conforming and Non-binary people. Research which looked at over 70 countries over a 40 year period showed that the presence of autonomous, feminist movements are the most important factor in realizing progressive social change on issues of violence against women and bodily autonomy, and crucial to realizing the domestication of international norms and policies. 

Visit the conference website for more information.